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Arizona v. United States to be heard Wednesday

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Two years after a controversial immigration law was passed in Arizona on immigration laws, the Supreme Court with rule Wednesday on whether to keep the expansion, the New York Times reported.
The law, called SB 1070, expanded local policies' enforcement rights when it comes to immigrants and allowing "state police officers to ask about the immigration status of anyone they stop, and to hold those suspected of being illegal immigrants," the New York Times reported.
The law has cause widespread debate and was even disputed by the Obama Administration, the New York Times reported.
Arizona v. United States will be heard by the Supreme Court Wednesday. The state has already been backed up by Florida, and 13 other states, according to the Miami Herald.
SB 1070 also ins pired other laws in Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah, according to the New York Times.

Tornadoes cause destruction and death in Midwest

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Over 100 tornadoes ripped through the midwest throughout Saturday night, leaving residents traumatized, CBS News reported.
In Oklahoma, 29 people were injured and five have been found dead, including three children under the age of ten, ABC News reported.
More fatalities were expected because the storm ripped out a transmitter, leaving residents of Woodward, Okla., without warning as they slept, Woodward City Manager Alan Riffel said, according to ABC News.
The twisters, which were accompanied by large hail, downpours and lightning, were reported in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa.
As they move east throughout Sunday they are weakening, but still threaten Minnesota, Illinois and eastern Iowa, ABC News reported. Forecasters warned dangerous thunderstorms could reach as far east as Michigan, CBS News reported.

Top colleges' admissions rates at all-time low

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Top colleges are proudly announcing record low admissions rates for freshman applying for the Fall of 2012, the Washington Post reported.
This number comes from the number of students who apply vs. the number of students each college accepts and is increasingly more important as rankings of each colleges do the same, according to the Washington Post.
A long time top-ranked college, Harvard's ranks dropped for the seventh consecutive year in a row, reaching an all-time low of 5.9 percent, the Fiscal Times reported.
Along with tough competitions at home, students are increasingly having to worry about international students, the Fiscal Times reported.

Two men arrested in Tulsa shooting rampage

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Two men were arrested after a potentially racially motivated shooting rampage that left three dead Friday in Tulsa, the Washington Post reported.
It is believe that one of the men, Jake England, 19, sought revenge for the murder of his father two years ago by a black man, according to the New York Times.
England posted a Facebook status on Thursday expressing anger about his father's death that included a racial slur. The next day he and roommate Alvin Watts, 32, went to a predominantly black neighborhood in north Tulsa where it is believed they went on a shooting rampage, the Washington Post reported.
The men were arrested Sunday after an anonymous tip and will be charged with three counts of first-degree murder and two counts shooting with intent to kill, the New York Times reported.

There were three winners in Friday's record-breaking Mega-Million lottery prize, USA Today reported.
The lucky three, whose odds of winning were about one in 176 million, will share the $656 million prize, USA Today reported. That jackpot value was reached over nine weeks, as Americans spent nearly $1.5 billion on Mega Million tickets in hopes they would walk away with the prize.
Each winner is expected to receive more than $213 million before taxes, ABC News reported.
The winners, whose names have yet to be revealed, all held tickets that contained every one of the five winning numbers, as well as the powerball number, ABC News reported.
Though Illinois always share their winners names, the winners from Maryland and Kansas can choose to go unnamed, ABC News reported.

Protestors demand justice for Trayvon Martin

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Hundreds of protestors gathered in Miami Sunday demanding the arrest of the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed an unarmed local teen, CNN reported.
The parents of Trayvon Martin, along with civil rights leaders and other protestors, rallied at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, Martin's hometown, CNN reported. Rev. Jamal Bryant spoke to the protestors with a "Justice for Trayvon poster hanging behind him.
The shooting of Martin, a 17-year-old black male, on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Flor., has spurred a national debate on race in America.
Martin's shooter, 28-year-old white Hispanic George Zimmerman, was in his car outside when he called a 911 dispatcher and reported Martin looked "suspicious," the Huffington Post reported. He then followed the 17-year-old, against the advice of the dispatcher.
Zimmerman told later told police he fired his semiautomatic handgun in self defense after Martin attacked him, the Huffington Post reported.
Police did not charge Zimmerman with the death of Martin because of a lack of evidence his story of self defense was untrue, CNN reported.
Protestors argue Martin was targeted based on the color of his skin and Zimmerman should be arrested for the crime, the Huffington Post reported.
So far, more than 2 million people have signed ion on Change.Org, demanding justice in the case, the Huffington Post reported.

The body of a Montana math teacher missing for more than two months was believed to be found by authorities Wednesday, CBS News reported.
Sherry Arnold, 43, was believed to be kidnapped while on a run near her home in Sydney, Mon., where she was a beloved teacher. Her body was found about 50 miles away from her home in Williston, N.D., the Washington Post reported.
Two men are currently under arrest for her murder, each being held on $2.5 billion bail. Michael Keith Spell, 22, confessed to police he and Lester Van Waters Jr., 48, abducted and killed Arnold while being fueled up on crack, CBS News reported.

Famed Hollywood director James Cameron reached earth's deepest point early Sunday evening, the Star Tribune reported.
A specially designed submarine was used to dive almost seven miles in a journey that took two hours to complete, according to CBS News.
The launch took place about 200 miles southwest of Guam, at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The trench is huge, about "120 times larger than the Grand Canyon and more than a mile deeper than Mount Everest is tall," CBS News said.
Cameron, who joins two other men as the only people to reach the point, intended to spend six hours collecting samples for biologists and geologists to study, CBS News reported.
The descent took him to a depth of 35,756 feet, the Star Tribune reported.

Utah man recognizes son as burglary suspect

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A Utah man recognized his son as a suspect on security footage on the news and then convinced him to turn himself in, ABC News reported.
A tape was released by police showing a man stealing from a computer store, which the two saw while eating breakfast, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.
Later Friday, Jeremy Blair, 26, turned himself in to police not for the burglary, but "was booked into the county jail on an unrelated warrant," the Salt Lake Tribune reported.
Police say Blair was not alone when he smashed the window of StarWest Computers in Woods Cross on Monday morning, taking about $6,500 worth of computer equipment, ABC News reported. Police are still searching for the other suspect.

Toddler found in filed dies in hospital

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An Indiana toddler was taken off life support Sunday after sustaining severe injuries in a recent tornado, KSTP reported.
Fifteen-month-old Angel Babcock found in a field after her family's mobile home was hit by the storm Friday. Her parents, Joe and Moriah, along with her brother Jaydon, 2 years, and sister Kendall, 2 months, died instantly, U.S. News reported.
Despite early signs she might recover, she later showed no brain activity, causing her grandparents to decide to take her off life support, U.S. News reported.
Her death brings the toll up to 39 dead among the five states hit by the storms, according to KSTP.

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