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Conservative group says Al Gore is hypocrite

According to a conservative group in Tennessee, Al Gore's own truth of global warming is inconvenient, AP reported.

Tennessee Center for Policy Research looked at Gore's electrical bill, concluding his mansion uses more than 20 times the energy use of an average home.

The policy center said Gore's home used more than 221,000 kilowatt hours last year, while the Associated Press, which reviewed his utility bill records said he used 191,000 kilowatt hours last year. The AP also reported that the conservative research group never got its records from the Nashville Electric Service, even though they had told the AP they did, implying the group's records are fabricated.

Daily News and Analysis reported that according to Nashville Electric Service spokesperson Laurie Parker, "Gore has been purchasing green power for $432 a month since November. Gore purchases 108 such blocks every month at $4 per block, covering 16,200 kilowatt-hours and helping subsidise renewable energy sources."