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Guinea president declares martial law

BBC reported that Guinea President Lansana Conte has declared martial law after three days of violence and protesting in Conakry, the capital.

The violence and unrest began after work unions went on strike in demand that Conte step down. Conte tried to ease the unrest of the unions by appointing a prime minister, but the union workers and public became even more outraged because Conte's appointee was a close friend.

NY Times reported a dozen people died in the demonstrations, while BBC estimated over 15. Both the articles covered the unrest well, but the NY Times article didn't go in depth. Both of the articles spoke about how this could create unrest and turmoil in the region and could spill over into other countries. The BBC article explained the situation much better and provided great background of the ongoing events. The NY Times article did provide a great photo visual of men running with mechetes on the streets of Conakry.