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Russia's recent disasters

Note: The original posting of this message was lost due to internet failure.

Russia's recent plagues of disasters including a mine explosion on Monday that killed 100 and a elderly house fire that killed at least 62 have questioned the country's safety standards and regulations despite a growing economy, NY Times reported.

The disasters, including a plane crash that killed 7 and injured many others, "highlighted concerns about the state of Russia's buildings and industries, the laxity of safety standards and enforcement, and the strains on emergency rescue services, despite an economic boom fueled by rising oil and gas production."

The fire was 32 miles away from the fire fighters who responded to the call. The authorities blamed distance, negligence of a worker, toxic materials and fire safety violations for the 62 elderly and disabled, many of whom were strapped in their beds, helplessly unable to run from the flames, CNN reported.

CNN also reported that a watchman ignored the fire alarm two times before reporting the fire after seeing flames.

The most shocking finding was that from the NY Times articles which said, "In 2005, the last year comparative figures were available, nearly five times as many Russians died in fires as Americans, even though Russia's population is less than half as large as that of the United States." The comparisson is staggering and troublesome.

The NY Times article used numbers to compare how many people die from fires in Russia in 2005. The comparison was made by using percentages which was very helpful to understand. It was a simple story that used numbers effectively.