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24 yr-old truck driver not guilty on all counts

24-year-old truck driver Michael Kozlowski was found not guilty of all charges in a crash with a Chippewa Falls High School bus that killed five people and injured others in October 2005, Star Tribune reported.

Kozlowski was driving a semitrailer truck for Whole Foods company and fell asleep on a delivery. The truck overturned and blocked the lanes of Hwy. 94. A bus driven by Paul Rasmus, 78, collided with the truck that blocked both lanes.

The defense cited that Rasmus and the school district of the bus is to blame, not Kozlowski. Rasmus wasn't wearing his glasses, they said and should have had time to stop before hitting the truck. But the prosecutor argued that Kozlowski was negligent because he was tired and if his truck was not there the bus would have never collided. The defense won.

The story was very well covered and showed both sides of the story well. When I read it, it made me want to take sides with each viewpoint, the defense and prosecutor.