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'Go gophers!' says Daniels after being released

Gopher men's football players held in custody for suspicions of rape were released from jail Monday due to insufficient evidence, Star Tribune reported.

After being released, Alex Daniels, 20 said he did not have a lawyer.

"Go gophers," he said. "I don’t know what happened. I’m just taking it one day at a time."

Authorities will continue to investigate the case. Daniels, E.J Jones, 19, and Keith Massey, 20, were taken into custody Friday after an 18-year-old woman flagged down a police officer and accused the three of sexually assaulting her. According to the police report, the incident happened late Tuesday or early Wednesday and she went to the hospital for a "rape kit" early Wednesday.

The questions I now have is the evidence insufficient due to the result of the rape kit test? Why were they released when initially Hestness said it is a "credible" case. What has changed since it was initially reported? For one, when the incident was initially reported by WCCO they said they were booked for was a first-degree sexual assault and then it was reported as a third-degree sexual assault.