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Imus suspended for racial comments

MSNBC and CBS radio talk-show host Don Imus is being suspended for two weeks after calling the Rutgers women's basketball team a bunch of "nappy-headed hos," Associated Press reported.

Although Imus is known for making insults at various groups of people and politicians, this joke struck the wrong chord and went too far.

Al Sharpton, who hosted Imus on his show for an apology Monday, said the apology is not enough and that he wants him fired, CNN reported. Other leaders in the black community are asking for the same.

The Associated Press article said that his job all depends on whether advertisers will choose to shy away from him because of the incident, but I wonder if more will be drawn because of the controversy. A lot of times more people want to hear what the fuss is all about and will listen to a talk-show host after they are clouded by controversy. Both articles did a great job talking about the issue, though the CNN article seemed a little more biased towards the situation.