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U bomb threat prompts evacuation of seven buildings

University officials evacuated seven buildings after finding a threatening note in Smith Hall on campus, Star Tribune reported.

The note specifically listed all of the buildings that were evacuated. The threat came two days after Virginia Tech shootings and days before the Columbine aniversary shootings.

The note read, "I am sick and tired of these buildings and people who operate in them, Today before 10 pm I am gonna bomb them simultaniously, I have nothing to lose."

The police received a call at 12:15 p.m. from a faculty member who was given the note that was found by a student in a bathroom. Buildings were locked and evacuated by 1:15 p.m. and the area was cordoned off shortly after. The threat is one of many during the weak and many question whether the Virginia Tech shooter's rampage has encouraged others.

Police found no bomb, Pioneer Press reported.