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LAPD under investigation for immigration march violence

Ten people, including seven reporters, were injured during a immigration march turned violent when LAPD officers tried to break it up late Tuesday, LA Times reported.

Eight officers were treated for injuries as well, but only after the officers began shooting rubber bullets and hitting participants and bystanders with batons. Organizers had a permit to stay in the area until 9 p.m., but police ordered to clear the area out. Officers formed a line and cleared the area, pushing over reporters and people in their way. But the biggest concern of Police Chief Bratton is that 240 rounds were fired, with no arrests. Others are concerned because they feel the LAPD officers targetted immigrants with rubber bullets.

Police Chief has requested that the FBI launch its own investigation of the incident.

CNN reported that Bratton said that part of the confusion or violence may have been caused because the order to disperse came from a helicopter in English, and most of the attendees were Spanish-speakers.