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The five stages of relationships with support staff

From "Good News" to "Goodbye" in five easy steps.

Legal assistants, administrators and other support staffers who populate the offices you are about to enter are just as important to you as the clients you will serve. You will work together, day-in and day-out, to serve your clients' needs and solve your clients' problems. If you are lucky, you will work with a talented staff that has worked together for a long time or, at the very least, that has some institutional memory both for clients and for the firm or agency itself. These relationships can make or break your career.

Stage One: Your first day On your first day (and this includes your first interview), people are predisposed to think well of you and they are prepared to like you, to help you, and to invest in your success. They don't know you yet.

Read more in CareerFiles http://www.law.umn.edu/uploads/images/3020/fivestages2006.pdf