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Be Ready for 'That' Call: Your phone interview

Here are some suggestions that will help you be prepared when answering the phone when employers call you.

1) Check your voice-mail message. Is it professional?
2) If you share a phone, remind family, friends, and/or roommates that you are expecting employers to call and ask them to take a message for you.
3) Have pen and paper ready before answering. Get contact names, correct spellings, e-mail addresses, driving directions, and note the day/time of the interview.
4) Have your resume, cover letter, transcripts, and writing sample handy so you can talk about them.

5) Answer the phone if possible. This will save employers and you valuable time.
6) If an employer leaves a message, call him or her back the same day!
7) Avoid distractions and focus on the caller.

Bottom Line: Be Prepared!