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Take a Breath Before Sending Your E-Documents

Before sending your application materials electronically to a potential employer, consider the following in order to make a great first impression:

* Is your e-mail and cover letter addressed to the correct person or correct department? Remember it is always best to address your documents to a person instead of using 'To Whom It May Concern'. This rule applies to 'hard copy' application materials as well.

* Is your e-mail address professional?
** Using your university address is appropriate.
** Using a work e-mail account is not.
** Using free e-mail providers is appropriate.
** Using a questionable userid such as 'superstud@yahoo.com' or 'hotbabe@gmail.com' is not nor is 'eagertoworkforyourfirm@hotmail.com' or "iamawesome@aol.com'. Also consider listening to your own voicemail greeting. Is it appropriate?
** Using something like 'johnsmith@aol.com' is appropriate.

* Are you using an active, professional voice? Watch your use of slang, jargon, and over use of contractions. Also refrain from using emoticons. :-)

* Are you sending what is requested? If instructions are not clear as to what documents to send, be confident in providing a cover letter and resume: both as attachments. Note that .pdf files ensure that the format at the receiving end will remain intact.

* And of course, have you checked for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, etc.? How about omitted words?

Remember that these documents are examples of your ability to write clearly, concisely, and accurately. So take your time before hitting 'send'.