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Applying by email (1): What does the message look like?

QUESTION: I’m applying electronically for some fellowships and internships. I’m attaching all the documents electronically, but I was wondering precisely what to write in the body of the email. Should it be a word-for-word repeat of the cover letter? Or a briefer version of a cover letter? Or simply a note saying “Please find my materials, attached.??

ANSWER: Include enough information so that the reader knows who you are, for which position you are applying, and which documents you have attached. Also, include a phone number so that you can be reached in case the electronic submission has failed.

SUBJECT LINE: [the name of the job for which you are applying]

EMAIL BODY: I am a [first] year student at the U of Minnesota applying for the [name of job]. As instructed, I have attached [name the documents]. If the transmission was unsuccessful or if you need additional information, please contact me at [phone number.]