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How to torpedo your promising RA application

A person who is collecting resumes for an RA position wrote to the CPDC saying "I thought you should know what I'm receiving...":

--No subject line on the e-mail transmitting the application materials. How do I know this e-mail isn't spam?

--Automatic e-mails through Symplicity that don't attach any of the required application materials beyond the resume, and then I've gotten no response to my follow-up e-mail requesting those materials.

--Poor grammar and punctuation in the e-mail transmitting the application materials.

The email continues...It may be "just" an RA position, but students should still use proper application etiquette. Am I wrong? Am I being overly picky? I thought this feedback might be helpful to pass along to the students..."


There is no such thing as "Just" an RA position. Our faculty members have a continuing obligation to publish, which creates an ongoing opportunity for students to engage with them on cutting edge research and to create the bonds of life-long mentorships and references. Would you really want to short-circuit these chances on a careless email? I think not.