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Going to work? Want to keep your (paid or unpaid) job? Get an offer?

Quick tips for a successful summer (and first job)...

1. Summer associates and law clerks do not get to take vacation during their eight to twelve week summer programs. If you have a previously scheduled event (wedding, family reunion) that you have not yet disclosed to your summer employer, do so TODAY, and note that you do not expect to be paid for the two days that you will be away from work.

2. Be extra nice to your legal administrative assistants, to the library staff, to the copy center staff and to anyone else with whom you work. Everyone is watching you, and they will not hesitate to report unprofessional behavior. If, on the other hand, you are perceived as courteous and well-behaved, they will also be extremely supportive of your ultimate candidacy. NOTE: Be friendly, but do not even think about going out for drinks or dating staff when you are a summer clerk.

3. "Give me a rough draft" means "Give me a perfectly researched, impeccably grammatical and 100% spell-checked and thought-checked document."

4. There is no ambiguity in "I need the memo by 9 a.m. on Friday," and missing deadlines will cost you an offer. If, by Wednesday, you know that you can't meet the deadline, notify the assigning attorney and seek guidance.

For more, click https://inside.law.umn.edu/cpdc/careerfiles