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"I'm like" not employable

This email to the CPDC from an employer speaks for itself:

Ok, so you know when you’re, like, interviewing someone? And like they seem like totally qualified with like great experience and good grades and stuff, but like they’re all “like? this and “like? that in the interview?

It’s like totally annoying and pretty much impossible to hear any like, good points they have, cuz like you just can’t get past all the, you know, verbal ticks and extra words and stuff?

I like totally hate that.

You guys should, like, remind people about that, or do a program or something. There were like TOTALLY people I would have otherwise hired but like I was all “that girl is going to sound like an idiot in court, no matter how well she writes exams.? It’s like totally bumming me out, you know?

For the record, I have been riding this horse for at least a decade.