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Minnesota Bar Admission Question: How Can I Waive in to Minnesota?

Here is a question that has been raised regarding Minnesota Bar admission from other states:

Can I waive in to the Minnesota Bar with just my MBE (Multistate Bar Exam) score?

Answer: Yes, with qualifications. Depending on the other state’s specific rules, you may be eligible for admission with just your MBE score IF (a) you have been admitted in another state; (b) you have scored 145 or more on a MBE which you took with another state’s essay exam; and (c) you apply to Minnesota within two years of the date of the exam (NOT the date of admission to the other state.)

For the precise language to answer this question, consult the ABA Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar’s annual Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admissions. You’ll find its 80+ pages of dense pdf extremely useful. Of course, you would always check directly with the Board of Law Examiners of any state’s bar to which you might apply – admission requirements change often.

May be eligible for admission without written examination, upon proof of admission in another jurisdiction and proof applicant has received a scaled score of 145 or more on MBE taken as part of and at the same time as essay or other written exam given by other jurisdiction. Evidence of score and completed application must be received within two years of date of exam. (ref: Chart 5 - Application Dates & MBE Requirements page 4)

Note that most of your bar examination questions can be answered at Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admissions