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Your Privacy and Your Job Search: You're fired!

You think that you have absorbed all of the 21st century Electronic Personna lessons by:

1. Scrubbing your MyElectronicSocialFacebookSpace sites for inappropriate material;

2. Persuading your pals to eliminate your name and face from their sites; and

3. Recording a professional message on all of your phones.

And yet, your electronic calendar at work contains all of the details of your personal life, including your job interview information. What's the problem? It's your personal calendar, after all.

Whatever gave you that idea? Your employer paid for both the hardware and the software, and can "audit" your electronic activity at any time.

After discovering that you are looking for a job, an employer may fire you, so that you may continue to search full time.

Please add the following to your 21st Century Electronic Personna checklist:

4. Keep private information out of your employer's calendar.