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Productive Informational Interviews

The following is from a student e-mail I received regarding his experience conducting informational interviews:

"I thought you might like to know that my informational interviews in [Northern City, MN], Thursday and Friday of last week went very well. Everyone was very helpful in describing what their experience has been like practicing in [Greater Minnesota], and most were willing to give advice on what else I could do and other attorneys I should speak with. I even got invited up again to meet with the rest of the attorneys at one of the firms! If nothing else, I got a lot more names of people to get in touch with in order to keep expanding my circle. I also got the feeling that it would be a great area to live and practice law in, and am encouraged by the fact that it seemed like many interesting employment possibilities exist in the area." (Note that this e-mail extract was used with the student's permission.)

Feel free to stop by the CPDC and learn more about securing and conducting informational interviews. Please let the us know if you have additional informational and/or networking advice you'd like to share.