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Networking is not... (from Kimm Walton)

Having just returned from a 'round the country in three weeks tour of law schools, Kimm Walton has a few stories to share. Here is one of them...

One law student complained bitterly about his job search.

I asked him if he'd contacted anyone about what he wanted to do, and he said, "Yes, but it didn't work. I got the names of five alums from Career Services. I e-mailed all of them telling them I was looking for a job. One of them didn't respond at all. Two told me they weren't hiring. The other two told me they didn't have any openings, but they had some ideas for me."
"Did you call them?"
"No. They didn't have any jobs."

Two lessons:

1. "Not hiring today" doesn't mean "not hiring ever."
2. When alumni respond to an email with "I have some ideas for you," the first thing to do is make contact.