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Best Selling Legal Career Guide Updated and Expanded

Guerrilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job of Your Dreams, 2nd Edition, by Kimm Walton, 2008.

* The long-awaited second edition of this bestseller has finally arrived! This essential and very readable handbook is now significantly expanded to over 1,300 pages. Kimm Walton's informal and infectious style, wit, and humor remain, however. She covers every aspect of the job search, from exploring practice areas to conquering the large firm without stellar grades.

Note that we have copies of this comprehensive text in the CPDC.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Secret to Being Happily Employed for the Rest of your life
Chapter 2: Figuring Out What the Heck the Job of Your Dream Is
Chapter 3: Getting the Most Out of Your Career Services Office
Chapter 4: The Most Important Element of Your Image

Chapter 5: Overcoming Rejection...and Turning It into Job Opportunities
Chapter 6: Detective Work: The Prerequisite to Every Employer Contact, From
Cover Letters to Interviews
Chapter 7: Correspondence: Making Your Letters (and E-Mails) to Potential Employers Sing!
Chapter 8: Resumes: Squashing Three-Dimensional You onto Two-Dimensional Paper
Chapter 9: Interviewing: "The Secrets That Turn Interviews Into Offers�?
Chapter 10: The Birds and Bees of Great Jobs: Where Do Great Jobs Come From?
Chapter 11: What the Internet Can - and Can't - Do for You
Chapter 12: After the Offer
Chapter 13: "Help! My Grades Stink!�?
Chapter 14: I Go to Not-Harvard. How Do I make up for My School?
Chapter 15: I Didn't Get an Offer From My Summer Employer
Chapter 16: "I Go to a Distinguished School...�?
Chapter 17: I Want to Be Not here: Advice for Out-of-Town Job Searches
Chapter 18: Small law Firms
Chapter 19: Going Solo From the Start
Chapter 20: Coming to America: Job Search Advice for International LL.M.s
Chapter 21: Students of the Night: How Do I Get a Job When I'm Working Full-Time?
Chapter 22: Second (or Third or Fourth or Fifth) Career People
(Including Returning-to-Paid-Work Moms)
Chapter 23: Large Law Firms: Are They For You?
Chapter 24: Glamour Jobs: How to Nail Jobs in Sports, Entertainment, International
Chapter 25: Approaching the Bench: Judicial Clerkships
Chapter 26: Do the Right Thing: Public Interest
Chapter 27: Talking to Strangers Freaks Me out
Chapter 28: "I'm A 1L. Where Do I Start?�?
Chapter 29: It's 2nd Semester 3rd Year and I Don't Have a Job- What the Heck Am I Supposed to Do Now?
Chapter 30: I Graduated Without an Offer...Where the Hell is My Job?
Chapter 31: I Want to Be a Not-Lawyer: Alternative Careers

* The description above was taken from NALP