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First steps in an alternative career search: GoldPASS - the University's job resource

Because most law-trained people pay scant attention to what other people do for a living (unless they are Workers' Compensation lawyers), one important early step in a search for an alternative career is to reconnect with other career paths.

The easiest way to begin is to read a lot of job descriptions very carefully, to begin to understand how functions are described and categorized. This helps you to think about those functions and how your own skills and experience can be described to meet hiring criteria in a non-law setting. These are your transferable skills.

Before the internet, the best tool for this step was to gather five weeks of classified ads from newspapers with significant amounts of white collar jobs (Washington Post, Chicago Tribune), and to read them from A to Z, except for N (for nursing) and E (for electrical engineering). You would cut out jobs that sounded interesting, and, often find that there were clusters of related jobs. Geography was less important than the actual job description, because you could often find similar jobs wherever you were living.

Today, your first source for this exercise might be Monster.com. Another resource that is uniquely available to Minnesota Grads is GoldPASS, the University's job board. You may access it with your x.500 id.

If you graduated before this internet id was issued, please call 612-301-4357, and follow the phone tree for password information. Once you are validated as a graduate, and have your password set up, you may access GoldPASS

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