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Trial Court Clerkship Applications -- a tip from a former clerk

FROM A FORMER MINNESOTA TRIAL COURT CLERK ... As we have been sorting through piles and piles of resumes here in chambers, I have noticed that many people either fail to include their bar admission in their cover letter and resume, or bar admission is buried deep in the resume. (It appears to me that many people are still using the same cover letter and resume they prepared immediately after graduation.)

Even though bar admission is not required for most judicial clerkships, judges are interested in whether an applicant is already admitted to the bar or whether that applicant plans to work and study for the bar at the same time.

The first three things I look for in the cover letter and resume are:

1) where the applicant went to law school;
2) when the applicant graduated from law school; and
3) whether the applicant has passed the bar.