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OCI and Students Holding Offers

NALP Part V and Students Holding Offers (message from NALP)

Q. What is the maximum number of offers that a law student can hold at any one time?
A. As stated in the NALP Principles and Standards Part V.A.3, "A student should not hold open more than five offers of employment at any one time. For each offer received that places a student over the offer limit, the student should, within one week of receipt of the excess offer, release an offer." This guideline applies at any point in time during the recruitment season. Interpretation 3 provides additional guidance for law student candidates interviewing in more than one market.

NALP's Part V Task Force is working on a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the new interim timing guidelines. These FAQs (which will continue to grow), along with other resources such as the Interpretations and recent Bulletin articles, are available at http://www.nalp.org/partv/