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Student Professionalism During the Interview Season


Student Professionalism During the Interview Season: A Quick Guide to Your Ethical Responsibilities in the Offer and Decision-Making Process

"Fall interviewing season is stressful. Thinking about offers and decisions may seem like the least of your worries - and yet how and when you respond to offers makes a tremendous difference. Your offer could even expire if you don't focus on your response deadline. Equally important, your professionalism in responding to offers sets the tone for your relationship with employers who have expressed an interest in you. But what should that professionalism include? And what are all those "NALP timing guidelines" or "Principles and Standards for the Timing of Offers and Decisions" your career services office keeps talking about?

Here are a few of the questions law students most often ask about these ethical standards. These answers provide you with a quick guide to the essentials of navigating the fall interviewing season with professionalism.

* What are the NALP timing guidelines and why are they important?
* When, exactly, do I have to respond to offers?
* Do NALP's timing guidelines ever allow employers to require my decision sooner?
* How many offers can I consider at once?
* What if I need more time to decide?
* What if the employer I am interviewing with is not a NALP member or is not abiding by the NALP guidelines?
* How can I learn more?"

For this entire article from NALP, visit http://www.nalp.org/studentprofessionalism.