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Want to Advance Your Career? Clean Up Your E-mail Etiquette.

"These days, using e-mail effectively isn't just a nice thing to do -- it's a critical part of managing your career. Why? First, because e-mail is a dominant form of communication and we often use it to talk to people we don't know well, or even people we've never met in person. This means people may form opinions of you based mostly or entirely on your e-mail style. Second, e-mail forms a permanent record of communication, so if you've used it poorly, it could come back to haunt you. Finally, e-mail lacks those helpful interpersonal cues that come across in phone or in-person contact, making it easier for miscommunications to occur. This can compromise people's impressions of you or even jeopardize a job interview.

So, what are the biggest e-mail faux pas? To answer this question, I conducted an informal survey here at ISEEK, asking my coworkers to tell me about their e-mail pet peeves. Here's what they said.

* Avoid sending long, wordy e-mails. Do you skim your e-mails looking for the bottom line? So does everyone else! If what you have to say is complicated or can't be conveyed in a few lines of text, you're probably better off talking in person or over the phone."

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