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January 14, 2010

Department of Education Income-Based Repayment Q&A

The Department of Education has published a comprehensive list of Questions and Answers regarding the Income-Based Repayment plan. Many graduates will be interested in this information, not only those in public service but all those with relatively high student debt to income. http://studentaid.ed.gov/students/attachments/siteresources/IBRQ&A_template_123109_FINAL.pdf

Thanks to Heather Jarvis, Senior Program Manager at Equal Justice Works

Tips for Strengthening Professional Relationships

By: Kelly Cuene

"Developing a network of professionals is obviously important to personal branding, as this topic has been covered on the Student Branding Blog many times before.

Just making new contacts is not enough, though. For your network to be effective, you must keep in touch with contacts and continue to demonstrate sincere interest in whatever is going on in their lives, professionally or personally.

To be honest, this is not a strength of mine. I love meeting new people and enjoy hearing what friends are up to, but I'm energized by being alone, not by being social. So if left to my own devices, I will more often than not choose to spend time on a hobby or hang out with a few close friends instead of being super social.

It's important, then, that I make a conscious effort to incorporate more relationship-building activities into my routine."

For the complete article and "tips to help even the non-super social individual build meaningful connections", click here.

January 13, 2010

How do you learn the unwritten rules of law firms?

In a very fun but true way, here is a list of many of the unwritten rules of law firms that you may want to know.

Haitian Relief Efforts

CARE Deploys Additional Emergency Team Members to Haiti
Humanitarian Group Appeals for Funds, Prepares Food Distribution
Donate on-line at http://www.care.org or call +1.800.521.CARE or +1.800.521.2273.

American Red Cross International Response Fund

The American Red Cross is accepting donations through the International Response Fund.

Additional Useful Links

A list of charitable organizations active in Haiti:

From National Public Radio: Haiti - Some Ways to Help:

From Idealist.org: Haiti Earthquake Response:

January 4, 2010

New Blog for Public Service Careers

PSLawNet.org has launched a Blog to serve as an information clearinghouse for law students and lawyers on public service career paths. PSLawNet's announcement about its new blog:

The PSLawNet blog is the next, logical step in our effort to inform and educate public interest advocates of all experience levels by providing an ongoing environmental scan of the legal public service arena and offering daily updates on news and policy developments. We will offer content to several audiences, and individual posts will inevitably be more meaningful to some than others. But the common thread in our blog activities will be the sharing of as much information affecting the public interest legal community as possible.

We hope this will be a useful tool for all of you pursuing public service careers.