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Interview Strategies: Mind Your Mannerisms

Valerie Fontaine and Roberta Kass
Special to Law.com
March 08, 2010

"The adage "It's not what you say, but how you say it" is true, even if you're not talking. In interviews you need to effectively communicate your professionalism both verbally and nonverbally. It's been said that your verbal content provides only 7 percent of the message the interviewer receives; body language communicates 55 percent and tone of voice accounts for 38 percent. Therefore, when someone says one thing, but their nonverbal communication says another, we usually believe the nonverbal message.

Watching your nonverbal messages while delivering brilliant and concise answers to interview questions can be difficult when you're nervous. But managing your body language can help you hide your jitters, and understanding your interviewers' nonverbal cues may allow you to make adjustments before you go too far off track."

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