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Rebellious Lawyering Conference (RebLaw)

February 18-20, 2011
Yale Law School

Featuring Keynote Speakers: Burt Neuborne, Graham Boyd, Laurie Rubiner, and Jose Padilla

You are invited to the 17th Annual Rebellious Lawyering Conference, which will take place on the weekend of February 18-20, 2011. Last year, the event brought over 700 practitioners, law students, and community activists to New Haven to discuss progressive strategies for social change within and without the law.

Descriptions of panels and workshops will be posted on their website and will be updated with additional speakers and schedule information as it becomes available. Please visit: http://www.yale.edu/reblaw/

You may also visit their blog, where additional information and updates about the conference will be posted: http://blogs.law.yale.edu/blogs/reblaw/

Registration is now open on the website. When you register, you'll be able to sign up receive FREE HOUSING for the weekend in New Haven on the spare beds, couches and floors of local friendly, rebellious law students.

Questions? Please contact rebellious.law.questions@gmail.com