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Upcoming 1L Government Honors Deadlines

The following government programs have 1L deadlines coming up in the next few weeks. Details of these programs are provided in the 2011-12 Government Honors & Internship Handbook, located at https://www.law.arizona.edu/career/honorshandbook.cfm.

*Login information is available on the Symplicity homepage.

Summer Programs

Environmental Protection Agency - Office of Enforcement & Compliance Assurance Law Clerk & Intern Program (Paid & Unpaid, Deadline 02/20/12)
Election Assistance Commission - Office of General Counsel Law Clerkship Program (Paid, Deadline 02/24/12)
Federal Communications Commission - International Bureau Strategic Analysis & Negotiations Division Student Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 02/28/12)
Overseas Private Investment Corporation - Department of Legal Affairs Legal Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 02/28/12)
Securities & Exchange Commission - Summer Honors law Program (Unpaid, Deadline 02/29/12)
United States Sentencing Commission - Summer Legal Internship (Paid, Deadline 02/29/12)
Commodity Futures Trading Commission - Legal Intern Program (Paid & Unpaid, Deadline not yet established was early March)
Alabama Office of the Attorney General - Summer Law Clerk Program (Unpaid, Deadline 03/01/12)
Health & Human Services - Departmental Appeals Board Volunteer Internship/Externship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 03/01/12)
Illinois Attorney General's Office - Law Clerk Program (Unpaid, Deadline 03/01/12)
Maine Attorney General - Summer Legal Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 03/01/12)
New York City Department of Probation - Office of the General Counsel Law Student Internships (Unpaid, Deadline 03/01/12)
Virginia Attorney General - Summer Legal Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 03/01/12)
City of Chicago Department of Law - Summer Law Clerk (Unpaid, Deadline 03/02/12) Fall
Department of State - Student Internship Program (Paid & Unpaid, Deadline 03/02/12)