January 13, 2010

How do you learn the unwritten rules of law firms?

In a very fun but true way, here is a list of many of the unwritten rules of law firms that you may want to know.

November 24, 2009

Looking for your next step? Been laid off? Take time to evaluate.

If you have been laid off from your firm or your organization, your well meaning friends and family may say things like: "things happen for a reason," "you will be better off" or "take this as an opportunity." It is hard to take those to heart, but read the below article and see if are able to find that silver lining.

Hope for a Silver Lining
Current legal market offers attorneys an opportunity to figure out what they want to do outside of a big firm.

December 18, 2007

American Lawyer Media -- link for students

Here is a link to the American Lawyer Media's site for students which gives you access to a wide variety of reports that provide information about the largest law firms in the US and in the world:

June 5, 2006

What is "Project Finance?"

The folks at the Harvard Business School have created a Project Finance Portal to answer all of your questions about the practice, and they have provided a list of law firms where the work is done. The "Best Lawyers in America" lists project finance practitioners.

April 12, 2006

Who or what is "of counsel?"

In addition to being an expensive but worthwhile magazine for top legal managers which is available in the CPDC in my office, Of Counsel is a term of art used to describe some people who work at law firms.

In the "old days," Of Counsel described the elderly partner who came to the office for two days a week to work for his few remaining clients while his secretary balanced his checkbook. No more. Of Counsel can mean anything, including:

A senior attorney still practicing part time;
A senior and more-or-less retired partner whose expertise is valued and who continues to assist the practice;
A lateral candidate who is in the process of developing clients and building a practice;
A way-station for senior associates before they make partner;
A title for senior associates who are off the partnership track but whose expertise is valued by the firm; and/or
A law or other faculty member who is affiliated with the firm and who provides practice expertise or consulting.

February 9, 2006

Bankruptcy Practice Panel - what you missed

Three bankruptcy lawyers in three stages of their careers agreed:

(1) the Minnesota bankruptcy bar is collegial;

(2) the practice is great for new lawyers because they get to represent clients and go to court early in their careers;

(3) the practice requires learning across legal specialties and disciplines; and

(4) that their workdays are never, ever boring.

They also agreed that upper level real estate and Article 9 classes were important.

February 7, 2006

Big Firms: What do I need to know? Where can I find it?

The Bible of Big Firm Private Practice is The American Lawyer, which has covered LargeLaw for two decades. It is the home of the AMLAW 100 and AMLAW 200 lists which slice and dice the law biz by size, location, profits per partner, profits per lawyer and more. It is the primary journalistic source for stories of how firms succeed or fail, and, with great access and terrific writing, AMLawyer gives you a window on firm culture. When you can subscribe on your own dime, you might want to but it costs about $495/10 issues per year. The CPDC has 15 years of AMLawyer in our Library, and the issues are there for you to borrow. Check them out with John Malecha.