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August 31, 2005

Posting to the Blog

So, how do you use this weblog? It's actually very easy. If you see an entry or topic you'd like to respond to, comment on, or add to, simply click the "Comments" link in that entry. In the appropriate fields, add your first name, email address and your comments. Then you can click "Post" to add your entry to the blog.

If you'd like to see every entry for a particular category, look for the category listing on the right and click the category you'd like to read. From there, the process for adding comments is the same as anywhere else on the blog.

Remember, this is your blog! You are all registered authors. This means that you can post original entries within one of the categories. To do this, go to http://blog.lib.umn.edu. Then click "Login to your blog" and enter your x.500 username and password. Then choose the CLA 1001 Social Sciences blog. Finally, click "New Entry," choose a category, write your message, and save!

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