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September 9, 2005

Next Week, Wed. Sept. 14th

Hey everyone,

*This is your reminder that next week class will be held in the Bell Museum Auditorium. It is on the east bank of campus, look at a map or online

*ALSO BRING your U CARD, this is how we will take attendance when we all are at the Bell Museum. Stephanie and I will not be writing it down if you are there. So if you don't bring your U CARD you could be recorded as being absent.

*You have an optional journal due to Stephanie and myself by 12:00 Noon on Tuesday September 13th. Email your journal to and Please email to both of us, if you don't then your entry might not get recorded and you might not get credit for it.

I would try and start these right away. The more you do at the beginning of the semester, the less work you will have at the end when you have finals in your other classes.
The questions you should try and answer are: Why did you choose to attend the University of Minnesota, What are you excited about, concerned about, and why did you choose to participate in the First-year Interest Group program? If you have any questions email Stephanie or myself.

Hope everyone has a safe and great weekend. Come watch the Gopher Football team kick some butt and look for me on the field. I hope to see you all there!~


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