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September 20, 2005

Journal entries from Week 1

From those of you who sent in the first journal there were many similarities between your topics and writing. Some of these topics I can help you research and find factual evidence, others it is a part of the experience of your freshman year and what I can offer is guidance and not certainty.

The factual questions dealt with Job Outlooks and what you can do with majors in certain degrees and so forth. Another concept of that is Pre-Law. These are all things are accessible to you in the Career and Community Learning Center in 135 Johnston hall. There you are able to research majors/career paths and find one that is suitable towards yourself. I also work there so if you have individual questions in class you can ask me as well.

Another aspect was making friends and getting involved. If you remember from orientation at all, getting involved is all about U! You have to take the steps to find an organization on campus that is suitable to yourself. Once you find that group of people making friends is made much easier. So get involved. Talk to people in class as well, in your halls, and take opportunities to meet people or talk to someone you might not normally talk to. There are 40,000 people on this campus you can definitely find some people that will be great friends.

The final aspect that was brought up was the aspects of Time Management. These are things that are totally controllable by you. I admit my first semester was not the greatest, my gpa was not great by any means, and I probably should have studied more. All it is about is finding that balance, where you can have a social life, study, get involved, and not get burnt out. We will be going over these sorts of topics in more depth over the next few weeks.

If you have any other questions feel free to post on the blog.

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Making friends is really a good way or perhaps the first step to get involved to something. Getting involved helps you gain friends and learn more.

Making friends can let you influence people. It is not only that you get involved, but you let others get involved as well. With a little conversation with some people, you may influence them of joining your organization or maybe you joining their organization.

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