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October 14, 2005

Bill Clinton!!!

Who wants to see Bill CLINTON!!!

I do and you should too, being Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

In order to do this you need to go get a ticket on Tues, Oct the 18th as early as possible in the Coffman Bookstore, you can get two per person and I recommend getting both.

The event is on November the 5th at 5PM in Northrop Auditorium. It is FREE!!!!
Even if you can't go if you would be willing to pick up some tickets and give them to me or your other classmates, that would be awesome. This is a great event, not to mention you get to see a former president speak on our campus. Which doesn't happen often.

(I saw Bill Clinton when I was in DC two summers ago walking into Barnes and Noble) and (I have shaken George Bush's Hand) times to remember!!! This should be one.

I'll mention it again in class next week, but be thinking about it.


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