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October 21, 2005

Week 8

Hey Everyone,

Important things for next week....

1 - You have a journal due by Tuesday at Noon

Questions to answer:
At what points during the semester have you experienced stress?
What do you do when you are feeling stress?
Do you feel you manage your stress in an effective way?
Discuss your skills as a test-taker.
What types of tests do you do well on?
What types of tests are you most concerned about?

2 - You must schedule an interview with your faculty member and send us an email with the information of a time and place for your interview.

3 - Class next week is in the Bell Museum (BRING YOUR U CARD)

Note** with any email/attached document, always place your name, first and last someplace in the data. I cannot recognize who you are if you send me an email and don't put a signature on the bottom, the same is for a word document that is attached. These are all habits that you will need for your college and professional lives. So always make sure the person who is reading your email or assignments knows that it is yours.

If you have any questions about the assignments or if you are confused in any way, please email Stephanie or myself before class. Your assignments should always be done before class. If you are having any problems you should consult with us before you come to class as well. I understand that this is not that intense of a course, if you will, but other teachers and professors are not as lenient as we are and part of our objective is to help you adapt to college life. So utilize your resources, resources as in us if you need anything.

Thanks, have a great weekend, hope to see you all at the MOA on Saturday.

Mike Traxinger

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