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September 30, 2005

Journal - Time Management

Many of you in your journals have expressed concern about doing well in your courses and about managing your time effectively. Hopefully, the presentation by Student and Academic Success Services and our discussion next week on October 5 will begin to address some of these concerns.

Remember that for the journal due on Tuesday, October 4 you should be tracking how you spend your time for a few days. How much time did you spend studying, sleeping, socializing, etc.? Then make a list of your top five priorities and compare this with how you have actually spent your time. Discuss whether your actions reflect your priorities.

Check your syllabus for format requirements for the journal. Remember to e-mail your journal to both Stephanie ( and Mike ( by noon on Tuesday, October 4.

We're back in 425 Blegen for class next Wednesday, October 5.

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September 28, 2005

Fun photo


Here's the answer to the question, "What does Stephanie do with her free time and disposable income?" This is Ellie and Oscar (Ellie is the serious one with the silly collar). Ellie's hobbies are carrying around her squeaky ball, raising the alarm when the neighbors come and go, and reading the Sunday op-ed page. Oscar's hobbies are patrolling for squirrels, vertical jumping, and reading the comics.

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September 23, 2005

What do you want to do?

As I said in class, I would like to hold some events or participate in some fun activities that would help you in some way or let you explore the parts around here that are away from the University. I am open to any and all suggestions. Examples have been a Twins game, a trip to the Mall of America, Gopher Volleyball, visit downtown Minneapolis or Saint Paul.

So let me know what you think!!

Any and all ideas are appreciated, if others post ideas you like comment on those as well. Whatever ones we have the greatest interest for I will organize.

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Week 3 Trivia Question

For this week's trivia question, you will win a free Large Pizza from Papa John's.

Question: On the University of Minnesota Campus there are 3 different water fountains/features, where are they located?

The first one to post the correct response will win the prize. I'll bring it to class next week, good luck!!

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September 21, 2005


Question: Can a person still achieve a minor even if they run out of credits?

The amount of credits you need to graduate with a CLA Major is 120. Not all of these credits are devoted to the major. In political science, 32 of those 120 have to be Poli Sci courses. This is different for each major of course. You are by no means limited to 120 either. Those are just the graduation requirements that CLA sets forth.

I will be achieving 2 majors and 2 minors in my time spent here and will have well over 120 credits when I graduate.

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Classes I have Taken

Questions: What classes are really good in the Political Science Sections?
What social science classes would you recommend?

Here is a list of classes that I have taken divided into two categories. These are all my personal experiences. If you have more questions about these classes come into my office hours and I can give you more details in regards to teachers and sections I have taken.

Classes I have Enjoyed
JOUR 1001 Intro to Mass Comm
JOUR 3202 Strategic Communication: PR
MUS 3480 Marching Band
MUS 3490 Athletics Bands
MUS 3410 University Bands
TH 1101W Intro to Theatre
TH 1911W Entertainment w/ Attitude
HIST 1308 U.S. Survey
PE 1015 Weight Training
PE 1065 Beginning Tumbling &Gymnastics
POL 3080 Indiv Internship
POL 3085 Quant. Polit Analys
POL 4308 Congress Pol & Inst
POL 4315W State Government
ANSC 4603 Beef Production Systems Mgmt

Classes I had struggled with for various reasons

ARCH 1301 Intro Arch/LArch Drwng
GEOG 1301W Human Geography
MATH 1271 Calculus I
BIOL 1009 General Biology
SPAN 1022 Alt Second-Sem Span
JOUR 3004W Info for Mass Comm
JOUR 3251 Strategic Comm Research
SPAN 1003 Intermediate Span
SPAN 1004 Intermediate Span


ENGC 1011 Univ Writing Crit R
CHEM 1011 Gen Prin of Chem
POL 1001 Amer Govt & Pol

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Question: When should I start studying for the LSAT?

From working in the Career office they say that you should typically start no later than 6 months before you are planning on taking it. You can start studying as soon as you want. My personal advice is that you don't want to start too early; otherwise you might get burnt out. The recommended time frame is around 6 months before you take it.

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Law Society

Question: How do I get involved in Law Society?

There are many different law organizations on campus. You can check them out on the Student Activities Office Website. There is also a Pre-Law Society set up through the Career Center which has a 5 dollar fee a semester. Check out the websites and you can find all the contact information for the organizations on there.

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September 20, 2005

Journal entries from Week 1

From those of you who sent in the first journal there were many similarities between your topics and writing. Some of these topics I can help you research and find factual evidence, others it is a part of the experience of your freshman year and what I can offer is guidance and not certainty.

The factual questions dealt with Job Outlooks and what you can do with majors in certain degrees and so forth. Another concept of that is Pre-Law. These are all things are accessible to you in the Career and Community Learning Center in 135 Johnston hall. There you are able to research majors/career paths and find one that is suitable towards yourself. I also work there so if you have individual questions in class you can ask me as well.

Another aspect was making friends and getting involved. If you remember from orientation at all, getting involved is all about U! You have to take the steps to find an organization on campus that is suitable to yourself. Once you find that group of people making friends is made much easier. So get involved. Talk to people in class as well, in your halls, and take opportunities to meet people or talk to someone you might not normally talk to. There are 40,000 people on this campus you can definitely find some people that will be great friends.

The final aspect that was brought up was the aspects of Time Management. These are things that are totally controllable by you. I admit my first semester was not the greatest, my gpa was not great by any means, and I probably should have studied more. All it is about is finding that balance, where you can have a social life, study, get involved, and not get burnt out. We will be going over these sorts of topics in more depth over the next few weeks.

If you have any other questions feel free to post on the blog.

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September 15, 2005

Guidelines for Responding to Journal 2

Just a reminder that next week's journal entry, responding to Dean Rosenstone's lecture, is required. Please review the syllabus for assignment requirements and format (don't forget to include the appropriate subject line in your e-mail!). Your journal entry needs to be e-mailed to Stephanie and Mike by noon on Tuesday, September 20.

The assignment for this journal entry mentions five different questions. You should not feel that you need to go down the list and answer every question. Instead, use these questions to help guide your thinking as you write an integrated response (300 words, approx. 1 page) describing what you think the value of a liberal arts education is in light of what you learned from Dean Rosenstone's lecture.

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September 9, 2005

Next Week, Wed. Sept. 14th

Hey everyone,

*This is your reminder that next week class will be held in the Bell Museum Auditorium. It is on the east bank of campus, look at a map or online

*ALSO BRING your U CARD, this is how we will take attendance when we all are at the Bell Museum. Stephanie and I will not be writing it down if you are there. So if you don't bring your U CARD you could be recorded as being absent.

*You have an optional journal due to Stephanie and myself by 12:00 Noon on Tuesday September 13th. Email your journal to and Please email to both of us, if you don't then your entry might not get recorded and you might not get credit for it.

I would try and start these right away. The more you do at the beginning of the semester, the less work you will have at the end when you have finals in your other classes.
The questions you should try and answer are: Why did you choose to attend the University of Minnesota, What are you excited about, concerned about, and why did you choose to participate in the First-year Interest Group program? If you have any questions email Stephanie or myself.

Hope everyone has a safe and great weekend. Come watch the Gopher Football team kick some butt and look for me on the field. I hope to see you all there!~


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September 5, 2005

And it begins

Hey everyone, I hope everybody had a great summer and are ready to start classes. Your first semester is always a great expeience for you to develop the skills needed to be successful and to adapt to college life. I hope this class will help you along the way to having a great semester.

My name is Mike Traxinger and I will be the Teaching Assistant for your class. I am a Junior at the University double majoring in Political Science and Public Relations. I also have minors in Business Management and Animal Science. I'm originally from South Dakota where I grew up on a farm. In addition to being a TA I work in the Career and Community Learning Center and play in the Marching Band. I have been very involved with campus life and different organizations at the university and I strongly encourage getting involved in some way or another.

I hope everybody had a great weekend and I can't wait to meet you all on Wednesday.

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