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November 13, 2005

Week 11

Hey Everyone,

You all have a journal due by Noon on Tuesday!! It is in reference to the Resource Fair. Questions to answer.....

Discuss two or three University resources that you learned about that you were unfamiliar with before the Resource Fair.

What are two or three co-curricular opportunities (i.e. study abroad, internships, community/volunteer involvement, student organizations, ect.) that you are interested in participating in? What do you expect to gain from participating in these activities?

Next week we are in the Bell Museum!! Bring your U CARDS!!

There are resume workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday that I am putting on. See below for information.

Attention CLA 1001 Students:

You may only be a first-year college student, but you have skills and
talents that employers are looking for. If you are interested in
distinguishing yourself from your peers when applying for jobs and
internships this summer or sooner, NOW is the time to being thinking
about the best ways to present your experiences to a prospective
employer. With that in mind, please plan join the CLA Freshman and
Sophomore Programs Office and the Career and Community Learning Center
for the first-annual Resume and Cover Letter Workshop for CLA first-year
students. (flyer attached)

For additional information or to register to attend, go to:

There will be class the day before Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a great weekend,


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November 4, 2005

Week 10

Mandatory Resource Fair
Wednesday from 12:00-3:00 in Coffman
Third Floor - Room: 303A,B,C

You will be given a Bingo Card at check-in

Receive a bingo then make sure you checkout before you leave.

Any questions?

No assignments due


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