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December 2, 2005

Faculty Interview Assignment

Your journal reflecting on your interview with a faculty member is due by noon on Tuesday, December 6, e-mailed to both Mike and me. Remember that we aren't asking for a summary of your interview; rather, please write an integrated reflection in response to the following questions:

*Who did you interview and why? Were you using this interview as an opportunity to explore a potential career or major? Did you select your interviewee for a different reason? Be sure to include the faculty member's name and department.

*What was the focus of your interview and what did you gain from the experience?

*How do you feel about approaching faculty now that you have conducted your interview? Do you feel differently now than you did at the beginning of the semester?

Thanks and have a fabulous weekend!


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November 13, 2005

Week 11

Hey Everyone,

You all have a journal due by Noon on Tuesday!! It is in reference to the Resource Fair. Questions to answer.....

Discuss two or three University resources that you learned about that you were unfamiliar with before the Resource Fair.

What are two or three co-curricular opportunities (i.e. study abroad, internships, community/volunteer involvement, student organizations, ect.) that you are interested in participating in? What do you expect to gain from participating in these activities?

Next week we are in the Bell Museum!! Bring your U CARDS!!

There are resume workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday that I am putting on. See below for information.

Attention CLA 1001 Students:

You may only be a first-year college student, but you have skills and
talents that employers are looking for. If you are interested in
distinguishing yourself from your peers when applying for jobs and
internships this summer or sooner, NOW is the time to being thinking
about the best ways to present your experiences to a prospective
employer. With that in mind, please plan join the CLA Freshman and
Sophomore Programs Office and the Career and Community Learning Center
for the first-annual Resume and Cover Letter Workshop for CLA first-year
students. (flyer attached)

For additional information or to register to attend, go to:

There will be class the day before Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a great weekend,


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November 4, 2005

Week 10

Mandatory Resource Fair
Wednesday from 12:00-3:00 in Coffman
Third Floor - Room: 303A,B,C

You will be given a Bingo Card at check-in

Receive a bingo then make sure you checkout before you leave.

Any questions?

No assignments due


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October 26, 2005

Week 9

No Journal Entries Due Week 9

1 - Make sure you are taking care of your faculty interview assignment!

2 - Study hard for your test next week!

3 - If you get a chance, stop by the Gov/Internship Fair on Monday to check out different organizations. Also, I will guarantee you a reward of some sorts if you make it there.

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October 21, 2005

Week 8

Hey Everyone,

Important things for next week....

1 - You have a journal due by Tuesday at Noon

Questions to answer:
At what points during the semester have you experienced stress?
What do you do when you are feeling stress?
Do you feel you manage your stress in an effective way?
Discuss your skills as a test-taker.
What types of tests do you do well on?
What types of tests are you most concerned about?

2 - You must schedule an interview with your faculty member and send us an email with the information of a time and place for your interview.

3 - Class next week is in the Bell Museum (BRING YOUR U CARD)

Note** with any email/attached document, always place your name, first and last someplace in the data. I cannot recognize who you are if you send me an email and don't put a signature on the bottom, the same is for a word document that is attached. These are all habits that you will need for your college and professional lives. So always make sure the person who is reading your email or assignments knows that it is yours.

If you have any questions about the assignments or if you are confused in any way, please email Stephanie or myself before class. Your assignments should always be done before class. If you are having any problems you should consult with us before you come to class as well. I understand that this is not that intense of a course, if you will, but other teachers and professors are not as lenient as we are and part of our objective is to help you adapt to college life. So utilize your resources, resources as in us if you need anything.

Thanks, have a great weekend, hope to see you all at the MOA on Saturday.

Mike Traxinger

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October 14, 2005

Week 7

Hey Everyone,

Things you need to do before class on Wednesday!!!

1 - By Tuesday October 18th you should have completed the first two years of your 4-year plan online. Stephanie will be checking this online, so make sure you get them done. If you have any questions email her or myself over the weekend and we can help you out.

2 - Also by Tuesday you should have completed another Journal Entry

Answer these two questions
- What resources / tools did you find most helpful
- What steps will you take in the future as your major and career interests change and develop to ensure that you graduate in 4 years?

Please put your NAME on the attached document

Class is in Blegen again for next week!

See you then.


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Guidelines for Writing Journal Entries

This handout offers guidelines for writing quality journal responses. The guidelines are applicable for this class as well as other classes you may have now or in the future that require reflective writing. This is an Adobe file.

Writing Quality Journal Entries

ŠJen Rude 2005

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October 9, 2005

Week 6

Hey Everyone,

Important stuff to do before class on Wednesday!!

1 - Everyone's 4 Year Planning Assignment Part 1 - is due by TUESDAY at NOON
Note the total credits you have completed (see assignment for details)
Choose one of the scenarios

2 - Faculty Interview Assignment Part 1 - Due by Class on WEDNESDAY
Identify a faculty member
Focus of the interview
3 questions you will ask that are not included on this assignment sheet

3 - Bring a copy of your APAS report to class on Wednesday!
You can print this off online at

Looking ahead, for WEEK 7 you have 2 assignments due

1 - Journal

2 - Graduation Planning Phase II
Details are in your assignment - If you have questions email Stephanie or myself

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September 30, 2005

Journal - Time Management

Many of you in your journals have expressed concern about doing well in your courses and about managing your time effectively. Hopefully, the presentation by Student and Academic Success Services and our discussion next week on October 5 will begin to address some of these concerns.

Remember that for the journal due on Tuesday, October 4 you should be tracking how you spend your time for a few days. How much time did you spend studying, sleeping, socializing, etc.? Then make a list of your top five priorities and compare this with how you have actually spent your time. Discuss whether your actions reflect your priorities.

Check your syllabus for format requirements for the journal. Remember to e-mail your journal to both Stephanie ( and Mike ( by noon on Tuesday, October 4.

We're back in 425 Blegen for class next Wednesday, October 5.

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September 20, 2005

Journal entries from Week 1

From those of you who sent in the first journal there were many similarities between your topics and writing. Some of these topics I can help you research and find factual evidence, others it is a part of the experience of your freshman year and what I can offer is guidance and not certainty.

The factual questions dealt with Job Outlooks and what you can do with majors in certain degrees and so forth. Another concept of that is Pre-Law. These are all things are accessible to you in the Career and Community Learning Center in 135 Johnston hall. There you are able to research majors/career paths and find one that is suitable towards yourself. I also work there so if you have individual questions in class you can ask me as well.

Another aspect was making friends and getting involved. If you remember from orientation at all, getting involved is all about U! You have to take the steps to find an organization on campus that is suitable to yourself. Once you find that group of people making friends is made much easier. So get involved. Talk to people in class as well, in your halls, and take opportunities to meet people or talk to someone you might not normally talk to. There are 40,000 people on this campus you can definitely find some people that will be great friends.

The final aspect that was brought up was the aspects of Time Management. These are things that are totally controllable by you. I admit my first semester was not the greatest, my gpa was not great by any means, and I probably should have studied more. All it is about is finding that balance, where you can have a social life, study, get involved, and not get burnt out. We will be going over these sorts of topics in more depth over the next few weeks.

If you have any other questions feel free to post on the blog.

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September 15, 2005

Guidelines for Responding to Journal 2

Just a reminder that next week's journal entry, responding to Dean Rosenstone's lecture, is required. Please review the syllabus for assignment requirements and format (don't forget to include the appropriate subject line in your e-mail!). Your journal entry needs to be e-mailed to Stephanie and Mike by noon on Tuesday, September 20.

The assignment for this journal entry mentions five different questions. You should not feel that you need to go down the list and answer every question. Instead, use these questions to help guide your thinking as you write an integrated response (300 words, approx. 1 page) describing what you think the value of a liberal arts education is in light of what you learned from Dean Rosenstone's lecture.

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September 9, 2005

Next Week, Wed. Sept. 14th

Hey everyone,

*This is your reminder that next week class will be held in the Bell Museum Auditorium. It is on the east bank of campus, look at a map or online

*ALSO BRING your U CARD, this is how we will take attendance when we all are at the Bell Museum. Stephanie and I will not be writing it down if you are there. So if you don't bring your U CARD you could be recorded as being absent.

*You have an optional journal due to Stephanie and myself by 12:00 Noon on Tuesday September 13th. Email your journal to and Please email to both of us, if you don't then your entry might not get recorded and you might not get credit for it.

I would try and start these right away. The more you do at the beginning of the semester, the less work you will have at the end when you have finals in your other classes.
The questions you should try and answer are: Why did you choose to attend the University of Minnesota, What are you excited about, concerned about, and why did you choose to participate in the First-year Interest Group program? If you have any questions email Stephanie or myself.

Hope everyone has a safe and great weekend. Come watch the Gopher Football team kick some butt and look for me on the field. I hope to see you all there!~


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August 31, 2005

Posting to the Blog

So, how do you use this weblog? It's actually very easy. If you see an entry or topic you'd like to respond to, comment on, or add to, simply click the "Comments" link in that entry. In the appropriate fields, add your first name, email address and your comments. Then you can click "Post" to add your entry to the blog.

If you'd like to see every entry for a particular category, look for the category listing on the right and click the category you'd like to read. From there, the process for adding comments is the same as anywhere else on the blog.

Remember, this is your blog! You are all registered authors. This means that you can post original entries within one of the categories. To do this, go to Then click "Login to your blog" and enter your x.500 username and password. Then choose the CLA 1001 Social Sciences blog. Finally, click "New Entry," choose a category, write your message, and save!

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