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October 6, 2005

Co-curricular Experiences (study abroad, internships, etc)

When is the best time to study abroad or take part in an internship (or participate in other kinds of co-curricular opportunities)?

The short answer depends. It might be any time between now and when you graduate. Certainly the freshman year isn't too early to begin thinking about these things and investigating opportunities; the senior year may not be too late.

Some things to consider are whether there are certain courses that you need to take on campus and, if so, whether these need to be taken in sequence or at certain times. For study abroad, one factor may be whether you need a certain level of language proficiency or not for a particular program, whether you want to study in English or the language of the host country (both options, as well as a combination of both, are possible), or whether you want to continue language study in-country.

It's a good idea to start discussing these options early on with your college adviser so that together you can work to identify the right kind of experience and the right timing for you. You should all be scheduling your fall checkback appointment with your college adviser during the month of October. This is a good opportunity to initiate this discussion.

The Learning Abroad Center (the U of M's office for study abroad and other international experience) offers hundreds of programs.

The Career and Community Learning Center is a good place to begin investigating internships. Some departments, such as Political Science, also offer internship opportunities.

Other types of off-campus study opportunities include National Student Exchange (which gives students the opportunity to study at other institutions in the US) and
HECUA, which involves experience-based learning focusing on social issues.

For students interested in engaging in academic research with faculty, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) may be something to look into.

Community involvement and service-learning also offer students oppportunities to be engaged in meaningful work outside of the classroom, and participating in U of M student groups can provide leadership opportunities. Some of you may be interested in looking into the Parliamentary Debate Society.

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October 5, 2005


Just a few questions about the appropriate timing for different experiences:

When should a student do an internship?

What year should a student study abroad?

What other opportunities are there for students to gain perspective and experience for careers?

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September 21, 2005


Question: Can a person still achieve a minor even if they run out of credits?

The amount of credits you need to graduate with a CLA Major is 120. Not all of these credits are devoted to the major. In political science, 32 of those 120 have to be Poli Sci courses. This is different for each major of course. You are by no means limited to 120 either. Those are just the graduation requirements that CLA sets forth.

I will be achieving 2 majors and 2 minors in my time spent here and will have well over 120 credits when I graduate.

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Question: When should I start studying for the LSAT?

From working in the Career office they say that you should typically start no later than 6 months before you are planning on taking it. You can start studying as soon as you want. My personal advice is that you don't want to start too early; otherwise you might get burnt out. The recommended time frame is around 6 months before you take it.

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Law Society

Question: How do I get involved in Law Society?

There are many different law organizations on campus. You can check them out on the Student Activities Office Website. There is also a Pre-Law Society set up through the Career Center which has a 5 dollar fee a semester. Check out the websites and you can find all the contact information for the organizations on there.

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