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October 4, 2005


As I have said before, I worked for Senate Majority Leader Thomas Daschle following my freshman year at college. The experience was amazing and led me to high hopes in politics and political science.

Unfortunately, he lost the next election by 10,000 votes in South Dakota. The first time a senate leader had been upset in over 50 years. He gave South Dakota a tremendous advantage in financing and helping set the political agenda.

There could have been a number of reasons that he lost. The state is highly republican but all their legislators were democrats before Daschle's lost. Any insight into why you think he lost? What is the national trend for politics? Is the next president going to be Democrat or Republican?

All feedback and input is welcome, I am myself a registered Democrat. I also did a study on his loss last semester as well.

If you have thoughts on any politics please post and reply. If you disagree with statements post as well. Hopefully this will create some interesting discussion on our blog.


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Category "Personal Experiences"

September 21, 2005

Classes I have Taken

Questions: What classes are really good in the Political Science Sections?
What social science classes would you recommend?

Here is a list of classes that I have taken divided into two categories. These are all my personal experiences. If you have more questions about these classes come into my office hours and I can give you more details in regards to teachers and sections I have taken.

Classes I have Enjoyed
JOUR 1001 Intro to Mass Comm
JOUR 3202 Strategic Communication: PR
MUS 3480 Marching Band
MUS 3490 Athletics Bands
MUS 3410 University Bands
TH 1101W Intro to Theatre
TH 1911W Entertainment w/ Attitude
HIST 1308 U.S. Survey
PE 1015 Weight Training
PE 1065 Beginning Tumbling &Gymnastics
POL 3080 Indiv Internship
POL 3085 Quant. Polit Analys
POL 4308 Congress Pol & Inst
POL 4315W State Government
ANSC 4603 Beef Production Systems Mgmt

Classes I had struggled with for various reasons

ARCH 1301 Intro Arch/LArch Drwng
GEOG 1301W Human Geography
MATH 1271 Calculus I
BIOL 1009 General Biology
SPAN 1022 Alt Second-Sem Span
JOUR 3004W Info for Mass Comm
JOUR 3251 Strategic Comm Research
SPAN 1003 Intermediate Span
SPAN 1004 Intermediate Span


ENGC 1011 Univ Writing Crit R
CHEM 1011 Gen Prin of Chem
POL 1001 Amer Govt & Pol

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