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October 9, 2005

Week 6

Category: Sports

How many NCAA championships have the Minnesota Gophers won in?

Men's Hockey
Women's Hockey
Women's Volleyball

How many times have we been Big Ten Champions in?


Finally list all the Teams in the Big Ten Conference.

Good Luck, you should be able to find all this information, if you are unsuccessful post on the blog and I can offer some hints!

PRIZE: A free Bowl at Noodle's and Company

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Category "Trivia!!!!!"

September 23, 2005

Week 3 Trivia Question

For this week's trivia question, you will win a free Large Pizza from Papa John's.

Question: On the University of Minnesota Campus there are 3 different water fountains/features, where are they located?

The first one to post the correct response will win the prize. I'll bring it to class next week, good luck!!

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