December 6, 2006

Week 13: Faculty Interview and Exploring Majors/Minors

Assignments Due Today

  • 2nd Campus Event & essay (check out the SAO website for ideas)
  • 2nd Office hour visit
  • Unravel 2
  • Pink check back appointment sheet
  • Finding clues from you younger years

Missing Assignments
If you haven't finished any of the assignments from the first and second half of the semester by December 12th, you won't receive credit for this class. If you are in this situation, E-Mail or talk to Stephanie ASAP.

Class Today
We will discuss the Faculty Interview Assignment and the Exploring Majors/Minors Assignment.

November 13, 2006

Week 11: November 15th

Connections Fair
You are required to come to the fair.
It's going to be held on the 3rd floor of Coffman Union, on Wednesday, November 15th.
You can come anytime between 1PM and 4PM.

When you arrive at the Connections Fair, there will be a check-in table in the hallway on the 3rd floor.
When you check-in, make sure you swipe your U-Card, and get a Connections Bingo Card.

You have to get at least one BINGO, and turn-in your Connections Bingo Card at the check-in desk, to receive attendance for Wednesday (11/15).

Faculty Interview Assignment
Compete your Faculty Interview, write the paper, and turn it into Stephanie on or before November, 29th.

Office Hour Visit
Sign-up, if you haven't already.
These have to be done by December 6th.

Things that are due on December 6th:
1. Checkback appointment
2. Office hour visit
3. Second Campus Event and the 500 word Response (A good place to find campus events is the Student Activities Office website. Here is the address:
4. "Seeking Clues from Our Younger Years" Assignment
5. Unravel 2

November 8, 2006

Week 10: November 8th

Class Tomorrow

We will be meeting in Blegen 5, for a presentation about how to stay healthy. It has a heavy focus on how to drink safely, so that it doesn't interfere with your health or other things that are important to you.

Only the three sections of the CLA1001 that have small groups sections in Blegen Hall will be present.

After Class
Pick up a copy of the Seeking clues from your younger years Assignment, which is due on December 6th.


Your Major Exploration Assignement is due Wednesday, November 8th. E-mail to Stephanie as a Word attachment.

Sign-up for office hours with Stephanie or myself

CLA 1001 Field Trip

It's a trip to the Mall of America on Saturday, November 11. We will be meeting up in the lobby of Wilson library at approximately 2 PM.

We will be riding MetroTransit; we will take a bus to the light rail station, and the lightrail from the Metrodome to the Mall of America. Bring your U-Pass, or $7 worth of single dollar bills, and $1 in quarters. (You might not necessarily need this much, but better to be safe than sorry.)

After we get to the mall, you're on your own. Other TA's as well as myself will be available to show you where to catch the light rail back to campus. We will also give out flyers with directions, as well as a phone number you can contact me at, in case you get lost.

If this sounds like something you want to do, and have the time to do, e-mail me at

November 2, 2006

Financial Planning for Students - A Two-Part Workshop

Want to learn more about financial planning? Want free pizza? You may want to attend either or both of these workshops. Please register at:

Financial Planning Part 1
Wednesday, November 15
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
140 Nolte Hall

Part 1 focuses on debt and risk. You'll learn about student loans, credit cards, the best short-term places to save money, and the basics of insurance. There will be time for Q and A at the end.

Financial Planning Part 2
Wednesday, November 29
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
140 Nolte Hall

Part 2 focuses on savings and homes. You'll learn about mortgages and buying a home, mutual funds, IRAs, and other savings plans. There will be time for Q and A at the end.

Study Abroad in the Social Sciences Roundtable Discussion

Wednesday, November 15
12:00 - 1:30
110 Heller (West Bank)

This is an event for all students interested in going abroad in the Social Sciences. Hear students, advisers, and faculty members relate their own experiences and those of other students.

Join us for lively discussion and refreshments! Please register so that we know how much food we need at:

November 1, 2006

Office Hour Sign-Up

My office hours are held in the dining area across from the Java City, in the basement of Belegen Hall.

If you have missed your office hour visit, e-mail me with when you are available. I have already met with Melissa, Maddie, and Jayme.

Tuesday, December 5th at 1:00 PM with Ashley Williams

Tuesday, December 5th at 1:30 PM with Laura Knowles

Wednesday, December 6th at 12:15 with Andrew Turner

Tuesday, December 12th at 1:00 PM with Katherine Perszyk

Tuesday, December 12th at 1:30 with Chris Tri

To sign up for a time, click on "Comments" and add a note with the time that you would like to sign up for.
Write down your scheduled meeting time, and if conflicts arise, e-mail me as soon as possible.

Week 9: Nov. 1 to Nov. 7


Class on Wednesday
We will be meeting in Blegen 5 for the student pannel. Make sure to bring your U-Card for attendance.

There are a total of five people coming. In addition to the ones mentioned last week (Anna & Mike), Meghan (a CLA 1001 TA from last year who graduated in the Spring of 05,) someone from the CCLC to talk about service learning, as well as someone from the Study Abroad Center who went abroad.

Other Assignemnets
+ Make sure you e-mail Stephanie or myself with the time and date you would like to do your office hour visit
+ Schedule your faculty interview sometime before Thanksgiving break

Due Dates
+ The Major Exploration assignment is due on November 8th
+ The Faculty Interview assignment is due on November29th

October 24, 2006

Guidelines for Writing Quality Reflective Responses

This handout offers guidelines for writing quality reflective journal responses. The guidelines are applicable for this class as well as other classes you may have now or in the future that require reflective writing.

Writing Quality Reflective Responses

Week 8: October 25th


As y'all know, a few things are due this Wednesday. If you haven't already done the following things, make sure you do them by Wednesday (10/25):
+ Go to Unravel 1, and show Stephanie the certificate you got for completing the session
+ Go to an office hour visit with either Stephanie or myself
+ Attend a campus event, fill out the "campus events" form, and type up a 500 word reflection (to be e-mailed to Stephanie as a Word attachment) on the event you attended

Class next Wednesday (Nov. 1)
We will be meeting in Blegen 5, to talk about involvement opportunities.
A panel of U of M students who have been involved on campus will be talking to you.
Bring any questions.
Here are the people attending (so far), and a brief summary of what they have been involved in.

  • Anna Weggel
    + Originally from Wisconsin.
    + A Journalism and English major.
    + Worked at the MN Daily on the regents "beat" last year.
    + Then an associate editor at the Daily during the summer of 2005.
    + Became the Editor of the Daily this year.
    + Also a CLA 1001 TA, and an Orientation Leader during the summer of 2005.
  • Mike Traxinger
    + Originally from South Dakota.
    + A Political Science major.
    + Worked at the CCLC for most of his time at the U of M.
    + Is one of the Orientation Coordinators for this year.
    + Also a CLA 1001 TA last year, and an Orientation Leader during the summer of 2005.

More to come.

ADFAB meeting
The ADFAB meething on October 25th is about Study Skills & Involvement.
We will discuss the types of study skills that help you best remember new material and better prepare
for academic success. We'll also be learning about the Community Engagement Scholars program.

See y'all in class on Wednesday.

October 19, 2006

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon.jpg

Harvest Moon - Prairie Farm, Wisconsin

City Slickers' Meet 'n Greet


Ellie and Oscar make new friends

Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage.jpg

Fall foliage - Prairie Farm, Wisconsin

Autumn Sunset

Autumn sunset - Carlos Avery State Wildlife Refuge

Autumn sunset - Carlos Avery State Wildlife Refuge

October 16, 2006

Week 7: October 16th to 22nd

Class on Wednesday
We will be meeting in Blegen 5 on Wednesday.
There is going to be a large group meeting about managing your finances.
Bring your U-Card and any questions you have about finances and financial planning.

Assignments due on October 25th

  • Attend an office hour with Stephanie or myself.
  • Attend a campus event, and write a 500 word journal about how the event affects you or incoming first-year students. See the Campus Events Assignment entry for details.
  • Go to an Unravel 1 session in the library, and bring your certificate to class to show Stephanie

October 11, 2006

Week 6

Just wanted to let y'all know that there is going to be an ADFAB sessio about online communities today after class in Folwell 305. Alex and Jason, who are TAs for this class will be leading the session. They will give you an overview of how to stay safe, and also answer any questions you have.
See you in class.