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Week 8: October 25th


As y'all know, a few things are due this Wednesday. If you haven't already done the following things, make sure you do them by Wednesday (10/25):
+ Go to Unravel 1, and show Stephanie the certificate you got for completing the session
+ Go to an office hour visit with either Stephanie or myself
+ Attend a campus event, fill out the "campus events" form, and type up a 500 word reflection (to be e-mailed to Stephanie as a Word attachment) on the event you attended

Class next Wednesday (Nov. 1)
We will be meeting in Blegen 5, to talk about involvement opportunities.
A panel of U of M students who have been involved on campus will be talking to you.
Bring any questions.
Here are the people attending (so far), and a brief summary of what they have been involved in.

  • Anna Weggel
    + Originally from Wisconsin.
    + A Journalism and English major.
    + Worked at the MN Daily on the regents "beat" last year.
    + Then an associate editor at the Daily during the summer of 2005.
    + Became the Editor of the Daily this year.
    + Also a CLA 1001 TA, and an Orientation Leader during the summer of 2005.
  • Mike Traxinger
    + Originally from South Dakota.
    + A Political Science major.
    + Worked at the CCLC for most of his time at the U of M.
    + Is one of the Orientation Coordinators for this year.
    + Also a CLA 1001 TA last year, and an Orientation Leader during the summer of 2005.

More to come.

ADFAB meeting
The ADFAB meething on October 25th is about Study Skills & Involvement.
We will discuss the types of study skills that help you best remember new material and better prepare
for academic success. We'll also be learning about the Community Engagement Scholars program.

See y'all in class on Wednesday.