April 12, 2005

Light rail

As I am standing in the tation I'm thinking how similar the station was to others that I have been in. I have ridden on trains in other states as well as other countries. I was interested to see how the light rail compairs to the trains in Brisbane Australia. I have ridden on them several times when I was living there. You could get almost anywhere on it. SO when I heard that the cities were getting one i was excited. As I stood in thhe station I was looking forward to riding on the light rail. I dont thnk that I really have any idea about who I expect to ride the light rail. I think that a bunch of different people will ride the light rail people who comute in to work or school or plan on going shoping. Who nows

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Posted by lawre120 at 2:08 PM

April 5, 2005

yellow arrow

I think the place in the cities that i would like to place an arrow is outside O'Donovan's Irish Pub. this is my favorite place to go before any concerts at First Ave. They have a grea atmosphere and good food. The other pplace that i would post a yellow arrow would be At the Yellow Submarine in Brisbane Australia. It was a great place to stay and a great jumping point for the rest of my travels in Australia.

Posted by lawre120 at 1:52 PM