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Students Gather To Send A Message

That message: I'm drunk and school is almost out. Also: we'll take on these coppers with rocks and beer bottles.

After an alcohol fueled riot broke out during the Spring Jam festival in Dinkytown, police used force to break it up and arrested seven men, putting the riot to an end early Sunday morning, according to Fox9 news.

On the 1300 block of Seventh Street Southeast, students began gathering around 8 p.m. Saturday night and were eventually subject to foam bullets and tear gas after the gathering turned into a full-fledged riot with street fires and students on top of cars and even attempting to tip some of them over, reported MPR.

When the police arrived they were subject to rocks and beer bottles flung from the staggering and stumbling crowd of around 500, reported MPR.

The Minnesota Daily has posted student submitted photos from the Saturday night riot showing students jumping over a street fire victoriously while others formed a giant ring around the flames, hands in the air and cheering like it were the superbowl and their friend just brought the nachos, this obviously was before the police arrived.

Police flooded houses with tear gas as well as the streets; they also fired foam bullets into the crowd, hitting some students.

"The pain was unbelievable," one man who was hit in the ankle told WCCO.

"This was mayhem created by drunk college students," said Minneapolis Police Sgt. Jesse Garcia to WCCO, who orded the paddywagon, nearly 50 police dressed in full riot gear and the many deterents to be fired to fight off the young and drunken force that was Spring Jam 2009.