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Swine Flu: An Emergency Declared In US

A public health emergency involving human swine flu was declared by federal officials to warn Americans about the possible outbreak to occur now or in the future, but officials also asked them to remain calm, reported The Los Angeles Times.

This emergency comes as the 20th confirmed case of swine flue in the US was released by acting head of the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Richard Besser in a briefing at the White House, reported The LA Times.

He said the cases will become more frequent and we should prepare for more severe cases then the mild ones found in the US currently, according to the LA Times.

As well eight more cases of the swine flu have been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in eight New York students according to remarks by Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Sunday, reported CNN.

Russia has taken precaution and "slapped rigid curbs" from North and Latin American meat imports, according to Reuters

"Imports of all types of meat that is not treated thermally are banned from Mexico, Texas, California and Kansas because it can be contaminated by infected people working at local slaughter houses or meat factories," Russia's chief veterinary official Nikolai Vlasov told Reuters.

The flu has already taken 81 lives in Mexico on top of the more than thousand infections which have made their way to the US and Canda, reported Reuters.