Chapter 11

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Blog: In these, one of the most astonishing news in the world, which is the missing Malaysia airline flight. There are 230 passengers and 12 flight cruises on the flight. At this point, navy, air-forces, and fishermen from 11 different countries are working 24 hours to look for the missing flight. There are numbers of conspiracies that people think may cause the incident. some say the pilots were too busy and too focus to fix the technical problem and didn't realize the seriousness of the crash. Some say passengers were using fake passports and to hijack the flight and cause crash. its timeline fits with the violence incident that took place in China a week ago. 29 civilians were being killed by rational Mongolian extremists. We easily make correlation between two incidents But from the latest reports, the two passengers were from and Iraq and they were trying to fly to German and seek for political asylum. However, the truth will be revealed when the flight is being found.
Intercultural conflicts may not happen around us, but if we pay attention what happen in the world, it is not hard for us to find it is causing huge numbers of people injuring or killing everyday.

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