Chapter 3

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In the Chapter, the author describes how culture influences communication. Under the title " Relationships Between Humans, she mentions that the differences between individualism and group orientation, which I found it is very useful to explain my personal experience.
Recently, I got really upset and questioned about my own ability in intercultural communication. In this semester, I enrolled in a media production class. At first, I found the class is interesting and I really enjoyed it. But I first started to work in the studio. I found it is difficult to communicate with other classmates. Since I am the only Asian in the class, I found I could not really adapt the communication style with the local students. It is not about the language problem, it seems my whole background and the culture greatly contribute in the communication style. In my early ages, I was taught to be quiet and maintain the group harmony. I love to talk but my teachers and elders told me to stop talking. If i talk, i got penalty for it. But when I first came to America, I used the same communication style in mtg high school classes. Teacher often came and ask me is that something wrong, why are you so quiet in class. I was so confused at that time, should I adapt the Asian communication style or the American communication style? Is that anyway i can take a balance between two culture?

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