Chapter 6: Questions

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" People can be bilingual or multilingual, and they may engage in code
switching or changing languages in different situations, depending on the
contexts. " If you speak more than single languages, it is hard for you to adjust? if it does, how long does it usually take? and is it necessarily true that more languages you speak, harder for you to adjust?

Chapter 6

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In the Chapter, the author mentions the concept of relativist position. It refers to the view that the particular language individuals speak, especially the structure of the language, shapes their perception of reality and cultural patterns. In the reality, I personally experienced similar practice and it took tremendous efforts and adjustment to adapt the communication pattern in different language.

I raise and born in Chinese culture. I tended to get really passive and humble. In my own culture, I am being educated that the most critical communication rule is the harmony maintenance. However, after staying in states for 5 years, it is still difficult to get rid of and fully adapt the American communication style. I constantly have to tell myself to be more active, confident, and more important speak up directly for what i stand. Recently, I feel like after five years of learning the " contextual rules" and adjustment, it is easier to communication in the American culture.

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